Adipurush Movie Plot & Review

 "Adipurush" is an Indian film that is highly anticipated by audiences. Directed by Om Raut, the film is an adaptation of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. It features Prabhas, a popular actor known for his role in the "Baahubali" series, in the lead role of Lord Rama. The film also stars Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan as the antagonist, Lankesh (Ravana).


"Adipurush" aimed to bring the ancient epic to life on the big screen with a contemporary and visually stunning approach. It is a high-budget production with state-of-the-art visual effects and grand scale action sequences. The film has garnered a lot of attention for its impressive cast, exciting premise, and the promise of a captivating cinematic experience.


Adipurush Movie Plot & Review

Plot :


Lankesh believes he is invincible long before he receives a blessing from Brahma that he will not be killed by a deva or a demon.


Due to a promise he made to his wife Kaikeyi, Dashratha, the king of Kosala, is forced to give his son Raghava 14 years of exile. Raghava leaves Kosala following his father's orders.


Together with his wife, Janaki, and younger brother, Shesh, Raghava, the prince of the Ikshvaku dynasty, has been living in exile in the wilderness for fourteen years. in the Panchavati forests, close to the Godavari River, where they are starting a new life. Shurpanakha, a demoness, tries to seduce the brothers and kill Janaki, but the demoness fails and loses both her ears and her nose. The Demon king Lankesh kidnaps Janaki to exact revenge after learning of his sister's humiliation. With the assistance of the Monkey King Sugriva, his aide Bajarang, and their monkey army, Raghava and Shesh set out to free Janaki. They are able to construct the Ram Setu, which became known as a bridge across the sea, with the assistance of the Sea God. Raghava and his army now reach Lanka's shores after successfully crossing the ocean. In the meantime, Vibhishana, Lankesh's brother, is forced to leave Lanka because he had opposed Lankesh's decision to kidnap Janaki. Raghava calls Vibhishana into his army. A final ultimatum is presented to Lankesh, but he rejects it and starts a war. Shesh is injured by Lankesh's son Indrajit during the war, but Bajrang brings sanjivani, which they use to treat him. Sugriva and his army defeat Lankesh's army in a war they start again after curing him. Indrajit is killed by Shesh with success, and Raghava also kills Kumbhakarna, Lankesh's brother. Lankesh decides to go into battle for himself because there is no other choice. Raghava defeats Lankesh in a bloody battle, and Janaki is released. After 14 years in exile, Raghava, Janaki, and Shesh finally return to Kosala, where Raghava is crowned king.





Who is director of Adipurush or Adipurush Directror?


Director: Om Raut


Adipurush cast?


Casts: Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Prabhas


Adipurush Budget?


Adipurush made with a huge budget approx 500 crores Indian rupee (approx 63 million dollars)

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